We are grateful to all those who supported and are supporting this mission  and project wholly heartedly. Each and every penny donated by them is utilized for the needy students and for other genuine needs of the projects we open heartedly accept the sharing of the responsibilities by our members Here few of them express there feeling for mission deep educational trust.

Smt. Ripu Daman

With Immense pleasure I congratulate Mission deep Educational trust on there timeless service to the humanity. It is catering all the section of the society with quality educational and moral values. I Wish them success in this noble Job.

Smt. Ripu Daman (Principal Shri Guru Harkrishan International School D Block Amritsar)

Joining Mission Deep is like entering heavenly abode where the little girls with their innocent minds and hand hold you firmly and you feel divine light here.

Madam Monika Seth. Teacher in Spring Dale School

Madam Monika Seth
RTN Shri S.V Hans
RTN Shri S.V Hans

I salute the dedication of the mission and felt like doing whatever I can for this divine cause of developing the tiny saplings of the society

RTN Shri S.V Hans ,Zoloto Industry,Jalandhar

The experince being with mission deep is higly spirtuale.The value which society is imparting to the children is worth appreciating .I feel really indebted to them for making me art of this noble cause. I appeal to all  join hands for this good cause of serving humanity through the light of education- The Education which makes the man grow as responsible human being with ethics .

Harbir Singh Kang ,Editor The page-Australian Punjabi Newspaper

Mr. Harbir Singh Kang
Mr. Harbir Singh Kang